Ruben B. Salas
Web Development/Design - Graphic Design - Illustration



What do you want to know about me?

Let's see, I'm a Southern California native. Too young to remember Elvis, but old enough to listen to the Beatles on vinyl. Yes vinyl. They're like CDs, but bigger and breakable.

I've worn many hats: Musician, X-Ray Technician, Software Developer, Illustrator, Graphic and Web Designer. Rumors of me once being a mercenary... not true. Throughout my many career adventures, I've always been a visual artist. My inspirations come from what I see with my eyes opened... or closed.

I have a combined 20 years of software development and more than 12 years of web/graphic design experience. I have expert knowledge of the latest Adobe Creative Suites, but my programming experience has allowed me the ability to hand-code. The media of choice for my artwork is digital. I occasionally get my hands dirty with ink, water color, acrylic and oil paint, or whatever leaves a mark on paper.

So if you want to contact me, just click here and drop me a line.

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